Karamoja Missionary Partnerships

KAMP is a coalition of missionary organisations who have united to intentionally partner together in mission efforts.  The purpose of the partnership was to consolidate mission efforts so that the local churches and different mission partners could work together more effectively to see the unreached reached, and communities transformed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the partner organisations continue to grow, we look forward to the journey of mobilising the African Local Churches for a pro-active Church Mission Movement.

KAMP Vision

Communities within Karamoja transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, and biblically faithful, reproducing churches planted. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

KAMP's shared values

  1. We are fully dependent on our heavenly Father. He is the Lord of the Harvest. Prayer is not an optional extra, it is the work. (Matthew 9:38)
  2. The Unengaged/Unreached. There are many good things we could be involved in, but our priority will be ministry among/towards the unreached and unengaged communities. (Mathew 28:16-20)
  3. Working hand in hand with local churches and believers. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)
  4. Living with a clear conscience, and honourably in everything we do, knowing that the Lord is more pleased with the right we do than with sacrifices (Hebrews 13:18, Proverbs 21:3)
  5. Servanthood. We are here to follow our Lord’s example; to serve, and not to be served. (Philippians 2:7. Matthew 23:11)
  6. All methods and strategies adopted, adapted and/or developed for gospel advancement are reproducible by indigenous believers and communities. (Matthew 28:20a. 2 Timothy 2:2)
  7. Holistic Approach. Seeking to demonstrate Christ’s love in all spheres and dimensions of life. (Matthew 5:3-10)
  8. We are accountable to God in all things. We will also be accountable to each other, and to our local church partners. (Romans 14:12. 1 Thessalonians 5:11)


The partnership encourages every stage of active engagement with preparation. Through training, resource mobilization, spiritual mapping, and prayer. 


Prayer is an important aspect of the coalition. Meeting monthly with Pastors to pray for the role of the Church, and that God will move hearts for community engagement.


Continued engagement of the villages and mapping for evangelism and discipleship in a continued process of the partnership through and with the Local Church

What KAMP does . . .

  1. Mobilising and coordinating prayer for the unreached communities of Karamoja.
  2. Networking between different denominations and facilitating a forum where ideas and resources can be shared.
  3. Equipping/ Training local believers in how to share the gospel and disciple others
  4. Facilitating courses that share God’s heart for mission
  5. TEE – Exploring possibilities for Theological Education by Extension as a way of equipping new leaders
  6. Missions Development – Meeting with local church partners to encourage development of specific vision and strategies for reaching unreached communities.
  7. Mapping of Moroto district to identify areas of greatest need
  8. Development of contextualized gospel resources in local languages

KAMP -Partners

KAMP - Team

Pray, Prepare, Participate

KAMP team continues to work with the Local Church in training, bible studies and more as a means to nurture and prepare them for the work of reaching villages that haven’t been reached. Please remember the missionaries from the difference ministries in prayer and pray for the Church Pastors that meet one a month to share ideas and to fellowship as means of strategizing towards missions in the region.

Let them know you are praying for them