Reaching Frontiers is a nonprofit organization registered with the government of Uganda. Our missions, mobilization programs and activities continue to exist because of gifts and support from friends, partners, churches, well-wishers and individuals who believe in our vision of advancing the Gospel to least and unreached communities. These contributions are made with compliance that Reaching Frontiers (RF) has discretion to steward donations towards the Gospel in its vision and mission to reach least and unreached communities for Christ Jesus.

Steward of your financial support, 95% of every penny goes directly to our mission programs and activities. We dedicate the 5% to any administrative needs. Reaching Frontiers 100% is sustained by both internal and external financial support to our vision and mission in reaching unreached communities.

Give Today

Your monthly gift of 50$ and or a one-time gift could help us continue our mission programs to least and unreached communities, Church support in mission work for evangelism and discipleship.

Vision Fund

Our vision of reaching least and  unreached communities with the Gospel in partnership with local Churches for holistic transformation.

MAT Fund

Through our MAT Program, we are able to equip Pastors and individual towards preparation for mission. We nourish the burden to better reach un-reached communities.

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Mukama Akuwe Omukisa . . . !!! 

For other ways to donate. Please send us an email at –

"Webale Nyo ! Wafoyo ! Yalama ! Thank you"