Lawrence and Simple Owinya - Karamoja (Tepeth)

We come from humble backgrounds, growing up, in a family of 5 and Simple of 3, we witnessed our parents go through some hard hustles that eventually led to their separation. This greatly affected us as children, emotionally and socially. In our primary school, we was privileged to be registered with Child Development Projects in our local suburbs. I in Kampala Nakawa and Simple in Gulu Laro. With this opportunity, we had our school fees paid, medical bills sorted, and mostly our spiritual walk nurtured. Eventually we were graduated out of the projects to give opportunity to other young children as we had quite grown to independence. 

After our graduation, we hit rock bottom, seeing our families struggle and siblings, we was pushed to explore new ventures. With a background of martial arts, and some combat training, I was invited by a friend to join a team of Local bodyguards while Simple engaged in working for different Music promoters in Gulu. We had to adopt new trends to make ends meet.

Life was hard for me as a young man, eventually leading it evolve around money, women and adventure. One evening as I rod my Yamaha 250cc, 4 stroke through the think forests of Murchison Falls National Park, little did I know, my air filters and carburettor had messed up right at the lions hill. Having seen a pride a week ago, I knew, this was the end of the road for me. That was the start of my turning point. Meanwhile Simple hustled life in Gulu and using her gift of singing to do ministry, she continued to hustle to make ends meet – serving at Church.

Meeting at university, right before, we got married, we all knew God had called us to mission work reflecting on the testimony and road God had orchestrated for both of us. Beyond doubt, we knew God was calling us to full time ministry. We had no idea it was mission work among the least and unreached place and peoples. Afew years down the road, it’s now clear God had called us to mobilise, pray, go, and send for the Gospel. Before that though, we did interest ourselves in anything that related to missions. 6 months before our wedding, some of the conditions were that we would serve with in the mission field in an unreached community, perhaps our understanding of unreached wasn’t clear yet. Yet we knew that this came with many challenges. 

God has continued to help us grow in full-time ministry serving as missionaries in Karamoja reaching the Tepeth and Matheniko communities, now we understand what it all meant to serve and work with least and unreached peoples and communities. The task is big, the task of reaching least and unreached requires preparation and prayer. Yet it cant be done alone. We need God if we are to do it His way. 

Thats our little story.

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