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We are
Reaching Frontiers

We holistically transform the lives of the least and unreached communities.

We are a nonprofit, interdenominational indigenous mission movement committed to reaching least and unreached communities holistically with the Gospel of Christ Jesus through working with the Local Church to transform communities and people to know Christ, live for him and make him known. We exist to empower, the local Church, Christian communities and all peoples to Go, in pursuit of all least and unreached people.

Our desire is to see relentless indigenous movements of Christians knowing Christ, living for him and GOING to make Christ known in ways that transform the spiritual, socio-emotional, physical, economic and cognitive aspects of communities and peoples.

We will reach the hard-prone least and unreached communities with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and transforming their communities, working with the local Church. Developing mission minded Christ centered spiritual, socio-emotional, physical and cognitive support curriculums and programs for vulnerable least reached and unreached families and communities for holistic transformation and development.

We describe ourselves as a catalyst. That’s our heartbeat, a catalyst for Gospel advancements to least and unreached communities through the local Church. We will go to wherever they are; we will sacrifice all we have to reach them and create a pathway for the Local Church to thrive in its call through indigenous Gospel workers.

We exist to take the Gospel wherever it isn’t. To demonstrate Christ’s love to The Least and Unreached, and as well facilitate transformation. Since 2019, we have achieved this by empowering and mobilizing local Churches for strategic missions and community impact. We employ a missionary blend approach for engaging communities and spreading the Gospel. We are Reaching Frontiers . . .

Our Story

Reaching Frontiers was a product of prayer. We knew God was calling us to identify, train and send to Least and Unreached communities that the Gospel would yield and transform them through the Love of Jesus. We didn’t know how and where to start, but we knew one thing for sure: that God was leading us to prayer. And that was it.

Simple, Dan, Rachel and Lawrence committed to pray and study the books of acts, trusting that the Holy Spirit would guide them on the next steps. That was it . . . That was the birth of Reaching Frontiers. God burdened their hearts to join Him and Rally the Local Church for Gospel outreach to communities with limited or no access to the Gospel for Church plants. It was prayer. Now, with a team, we all work together, mobilizing, training, and preparing individuals through their local Church for wherever God is sending them to share his love and bring transformation to lives and communities.

We desire to reach and rally missions to The Least and Unreached, touching lives with the Gospel and transforming communities through the Local Church. Thats us. Missions, People, Communities. That’s our story. 

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Our Vison

Reaching the Unreached, touching lives and transforming communities through the Gospel

Our Mission

Identify, train, and send indigenous Gospel Workers to Least and Unreached communities for Church planting and Community transformation.

Core Values

Peoples - Unreached


Meet our Leadership

Each of them brings a wealth of experience and wisdom, that has uniquely contributed to our mission in rallying the Gospel to the Least and Unreached. Please commit them in prayer that God will continue usings them in leading the ministry towards the vision of transforming lives through the Gospel. 

Together lets . . . Reach the Unreached