2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Missions Apprenticeship Training (MAT)

The MAT program is a 2 years missions training program intended to prepare and equip individuals that God has burdened for missions and full-time ministry. With the MAT program, we are able to support individuals that have the passion yet not the resources to prepare for the call. The MAT program equips individuals for the task of reaching least and unreached with the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Social Compassion as Missions (SCM)

Our SCM program is designed to support least and unreached communities with development programs in medi’care, edu’care, agri’care, communi’care and skills-care empowerment for sustainability. Through these programs with partnerships and Government networks, we empower communities to development. We engage communities with transformative activities that will directly or indirectly improve the livelihood of  families in the community. This program is intentionally designed to assess and network all possible development strategies in improving the livelihood of communities and networking with partners in implementation. We desire to transform the community for development that they may embrace the transforming power of the Gospel.

Church Partnerships for Church Plants (CP2)

We believe God has called us to support and work along with Churches to plant Churches. Our CP2 program is a program that envisions partnership for planting churches. We will go wherever the least and unreached are, no-matter how hard it is to get there we will GO with a goal that together with our CHURCH Partners, God can prepare us in planting healthy Churches in these communities accountable to healthy churches. Our CP2 program is a program that helps us work with the Local Church to prepare to reach-out to communities with the Gospel for a Church plant. Through this program, we reach-out to local Churches, work and learn with them in order that we can implement our Gospel mission strategies to plant Bible Believing and Bible Teaching Churches accountable to healthy Churches.

Counselling and Missions (COAM)

The COAM Program is a one-year program that focuses to merge missions and counseling as a tool for missions. Through the COAM program, we prepare apprentices and staff to engage in using Biblical counseling skills and NET therapy helping Post Traumatic Stress Disorder patients in past war prone communities see God and embrace Christ Jesus as our ultimate healer and Hope.