Our Programs

Our programs are shaped by our heart for reaching the least and unreached communities. They are our motivation. Each of our programs has been designed to foster missions, evangelism, and discipleship at the core. Be a part of what God is doing.

Missions Apprenticeship Training (MAT Program)

The MAT (Missionary and Ministry Apprenticeship Training) program is a comprehensive one-year training initiative designed to equip individuals who have the burden for missions and full-time missions mobilization. Through the MAT program, we aim to provide the necessary support and resources for field preparation, enabling apprentices to effectively serve in their calling and in the mission field.

Church partnerships for Church Planting (CP2 Program)

At the core of our mission lies a deep conviction that God has called us to collaborate with churches in the noble endeavor of planting new Churches. Our Church Planting Partnership Program (CP2) is a dedicated initiative aimed at forging strong partnerships for church planting. We are unyielding in our commitment to reach even the most remote and challenging locations. No matter the difficulties we encounter, we are resolute in our mission because we believe that, together with our church partners, God can equip us to establish thriving and accountable churches in these communities.

Community Care as Missions (CCAM Program)

An authentic expression of our love for Jesus should demonstrate our desire for holistic transformation in the community. Our Community Care as Missions  (CCAMP) is meticulously crafted to support unreached communities, offering a range of community transformation and development initiatives through collaborative partnerships with the communities and like-minded partner ministries and organizations.

Counseling and Missions (COMP Program)

The COM Program is an initiative with the primary objective of integrating missions and counseling as a member-care tool for on and off-field missionaries. We also blend the program to equip apprentices and staff with the skills of Biblical counseling and NET therapy for ministry among post-war zones. Our mission is to support Post Traumatic Stress Disorder patients in communities that have endured the horrors of war. By helping them see God and embrace Christ and Jesus as their ultimate healer and source of hope, we aim to bring about transformation in these vulnerable and war-torn communities.

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