"LET US GO..."

Know Christ + Live for Christ + Make Christ Known

Our ministries and programs are informed by our vision to know Christ, live for him and make him known. As Reaching Frontiers – Our CORE MISSIONS are our drivers, they are our calling in the Gospel. They motivate us. They are what we do in reaching out with the Gospel as a mission movement. Every call to PRAY, SUPPORT, SEND and GO are hinged on our vision.

Discover our missions

Reaching Unreached People and Communities

Our long goal allegiance is that all will know Christ. We continue exploring different arenas and opportunities to reach all least and unreached communities. With our passionate and well-trained staff, we pursue relentlessly the unreached that they may hear the Gospel. No matter the cost, we explore the opportunities to reach them. Reaching The Ik, The Dodoth, The Jie, The Matheniko, The Tepeth, The Gungu, The Pygmies, The Aringa, The Konzo, The Indians and The Luhya, we trust that God will move their hearts to know Him, live for him and make him known.

Missions and Social Compassion

Our missions and social compassion is a program blended in all our missions. We desire to transform the community through working with local community leaders to alleviate community challenges. We believe that the Gospel should transform the community for Christ. Our Social compassion mission umbrella is one that targets to create community capacity and empowerment through the different resources God has blessed communities with. Many communities struggle with poverty – in such a case we engage families in sustainability programs and empowerment

Reaching Unreached Pastors for Discipleship

God burdened us with the burden for reaching Pastors in the least and unreached communities that continue to struggle in reaching out with the Gospel. Pastoring in the most hush climates, they remain faithful to Pastoral work in hard prone places that these communities may experience Christ. Our desire through missions to reaching least and unreached Pastors is to equip them, encourage them and most importantly empower them in the task of reaching the least and unreached in their communities.


Missions & Children

Children and family are a core aspect of community. We believe that the Gospel is holistic in transforming community. With the Young generation, we believe a new generation of God-fearing peoples can be nurtured to change the past story lines. Empowering families and children to know Christ, live for him and make Him known, we employ child development programs and activities that foster child discipleship, child protection, education and childrens well being in their respective communities together with their families to embrace the Gospel. With the changing mission dynamics, Children becoming the most least and unreached – as Reaching Frontiers this becomes a key focus for us in missions – working with the Local Church to Reach Children.

Missions & Counselling

Biblical counseling is a powerful tool Reaching Frontiers employs as a rapport for missions to the vulnerable least and unreached communities that they may know Christ Jesus as Healer. The LRA insurgency in Northern Uganda left a grave devastation to the Luo communities. With thousands of deaths recorded, Uganda still battles the post effects of the insurgency that started 1987 until 2005. Many of these communities still struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders as effects from the war. Our goal as Reaching Frontiers is to merge mission with counselling as a core principle for healing. With our counselling and missions’ program in Kitgum and Gulu, we are able to help communities embrace the Gospel and Christ Jesus as healer and Hope.


Missions & Church Planting

Healthy Churches produce healthy followers of Christ Jesus. Through our CP2 Program – Church Partnerships for Church Planting, we desire to see our mission focus of reaching least and unreached communities birth Churches that will know CHRIST and make Him Known, then transform their communities Gods way. The Church is the light and salt of the earth. We believe the Church is Key and as a mission movement, we can never replace the Church but work together to support the Church of Christ to give birth to healthy other Churches that will think missions to other least and unreached people groups. Our mission and Church planting scope is an aspect as RF that has drawn us to Church partnerships with Churches and organizations for the goal of seeing Churches planting Bible Believing and Bible teaching churches in hard places for Christ Jesus.

Missions & Reaching Rastas

Sometimes the least reached are closest to us than we could ever imagine. In our communities and families. Two years ago, we started the missions to Reaching Rastas after Lawrence lost his Bro to cancer. The burden to reach Rastas grew bigger seeing a multitude of Rastas bid fare thee well to their fellow colleague yet uncertain of their eternal path was a hard thing to reconcile. Much of their consolation they found in habits that have continued to affect their ways and walk of life in Jah. With our Reaching Rastas mission, we reach and build safe space to interact with Rastas regards Jesus Christ, and as well a healing space for their hardest stories.



How we do it

Local Church Partners

We understand that we can never replace the Local Church. It is a vital and foundation for The great commission. An imperative for reaching least and unreached communities. God has continued to allow us grow in partnerships with Local Churches with whom we have ventured reaching villages for Church Planting. Pray that God will continue to open doors for more Church planting opportunities among the Karimojong with Moroto Baptist Church and the Muslim in Yumbe where we partner with First Baptist Church to reach Muslim communities for community discipleship.

"We will GO, Until they KNOW"