Our Missions

Our ministries and missions are informed by our vision to know Christ, live for him, and make him known. This is our motivation. Every call to PRAY, SUPPORT, SEND, and GO hinges on our mission.

Reaching unreached people and communities

Our ultimate commitment is to ensure that everyone comes to know Christ. We continually seek out diverse avenues and opportunities to reach unreached communities. With our dedicated and well-trained staff, we tirelessly pursue these unreached groups, ensuring they hear the Gospel. We spare no effort or resources in exploring every avenue to reach them. This includes communities like The Ik, The Dodoth, The Jie, The Matheniko, The Tepeth, The Gungu, The Pygmies, The Aringa, The Konzo, The Indians, and The Luhya. We trust in God’s grace to touch their hearts, guiding them to know Him, live for Him, and share His message with others.

Missions and counseling

Biblical counseling is a potent tool harnessed by Reaching Frontiers to forge connections with missions and vulnerable communities, introducing them to Christ Jesus as their Healer and Savior. The Acholi communities of Northern Uganda bear deep scars from the harrowing LRA insurgency. Between 1987 and 2005, thousands lost their lives, and even today, Uganda grapples with the lingering aftermath of this tragedy. In August 2006, a Cessation of Hostilities agreement was signed by the LRA and the Ugandan government. However, many of these communities continue to battle the haunting specter of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders resulting from the war.

Reaching unreached Pastors for discipleship

God has placed a unique burden on our hearts: the well-being of pastors in unreached communities. These faithful shepherds serve in challenging and often overlooked areas, tirelessly leading their congregations towards Christ. Our mission is to come alongside these dedicated pastors. We aim to equip, encourage, and, most importantly, empower them to effectively reach the unreached in their communities.

Missions and children

At the heart of every community lie its children and families. We firmly believe in the holistic power of the Gospel to transform communities. By focusing on the younger generation, we aspire to shape a new, God-fearing generation that can rewrite the narratives of unreached communities. Our mission involves empowering families and children to not only know Christ but also to live for Him and make Him known. To achieve this, we implement child development programs and activities that prioritize child protection, education, and overall well-being.

Church planting

Missions and Church-Planting

At Reaching Frontiers, we firmly believe that healthy churches are the cornerstone of nurturing devout followers of Christ Jesus. Our CP2 Program, Church Partnerships for Church Planting, serves as a testament to this belief. Through this program, we are driven to realize our mission of reaching unreached communities by fostering the growth of churches that not only know Christ but also share His message and bring about transformation in their communities, guided by God’s principles. The Church, as described in the Bible, is the beacon of light and the salt of the earth. We hold the conviction that the Church is the key to spreading the Gospel. As a mission movement, our role is not to replace the Church but to collaborate, working alongside it to support and enable the Church of Christ in giving birth to vibrant new churches in challenging regions. Our mission and church planting efforts at Reaching Frontiers have led us to forge vital partnerships with churches and organizations, all united by the common goal of planting churches in the most challenging and unreached areas for the glory of Christ Jesus