James and Gracious

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Mobilizer I Charis Community Church

Born in a family of seven (7) and growing up from Entebbe all my life with both parents never taught me so much to live for. Whereas it appeared that we had everything, my life was empty and I always asked myself what the purpose of life was. I wondered as to whether it was about waking up, eating food and going back to sleep. This quest took my life down the pit of emptiness as I tried to find something that could fill it. I found myself in masturbation which only left me even more empty. I tried changing religious beliefs from Roman Catholicism to Jehovah’s Witness which did not work either. I sought for a girlfriend who I thought would help take away this feeling for something deeper; a quest for something to fill in the emptiness within me but in vain.

One day in 1996 as I went about searching for a girl friend to take away my emptiness, I met a girl who spoke these words to me, “James, you need Jesus in your life.” These words hit me so hard and I stopped to think for a while. I felt something so deep that was unusual. I knew right there and then that she had said something so different yet true. That was my answer, my heart agreed – Jesus was my quest. The following morning, I quickly ran to some believers I knew and told them that I needed to give my life to Jesus. That was 6th January 1997. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. That very moment my emptiness disappeared. My quest was lost. I found a new life by way of my feelings and joy. A brother gave me a Bible and I began to read it – I read the whole of it. Another brother gave me another Bible; and again, I read the whole of it. I began to have questions and committed myself to getting answers. One teacher committed himself to answer any questions I had. Meanwhile at home this decision was a disappointment and an embarrassment to both my father and mother. It was my father’s dream that I become a Priest in a Roman Catholic Church. On the other hand, my mom was passionate about teaching us her own Jehovah’s witness beliefs. I went through a time of rejection by my own parents and siblings. God was faithful to see me through.

All I could tell was that my life was different and I knew it was. I committed myself to the teachings of the Church and began to grow further in my walk with Christ. To me this was a whole new life that I could not turn my back against. While being denied the opportunity to pray and read my Bible at home or even attend Church, I committed to practicing these disciplines from inside our bathroom and also waking up very early morning and hiding at the backyard to pray and read my Bible. These helped me to grow even stronger. My love for God grew more and more. I studied one version of the Bible after another, always from Genesis to Revelation. I listened to the then radio program of Pastor Peter Kasirivu which also increased my knowledge greatly. I was placed in leadership of the Scripture Union at my high school where I helped many other students grow in their relationship with Christ – something clearly testified to date.

After my high school and joining University, I found myself at the frontline of Mission work where there was no fellowship of believers at all. I started several fellowships and later after completing my University, I left for Entebbe with a Career pursuit to become a great journalist. This did not go well, as God’s convictions to me about Busoga held me captive. Later in 2004 I decided to go back to Kamuli and later planted what would be our first Church plant in a local community. This is where we serve to date as a Missionary Pastor and God has further used me to reach many Churches, Pastors, local leaders, and the communities around. We organized several fellowships in seeing God glorified in the lives of people. Along this journey God brought Gacious with whom we serve. She understood the calling upon my life and now we serves a long. Together with Gracious we have four biological children and two other children we now live with. Missions is the life of our family. This is no longer just a ministry to my family and I – it is a life to live. It is what we live for – to see God reveal His glory among all people. This now is our quest. This now is our desire. This now is our testimony. This now is my testimony.

Gracious and James serve in Kamuli. Together, they are engaged in Local Church Missions Mobilisation too.

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